The 2018 EU Pension Forum, a GLF Conference     Date: Thurs. 17 & Fri. 18 May 2018

Venue: Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza, Prague
With 7% of the total world population, 20% of the world economy (in nominal GDP terms) and nearly 50% of the world’s retirement, social security and life-insurance assets, the European Union has become a “pension superpower” in its own right

For its 5th Annual EU Pension Forum, GLC is bringing together an impressive lineup of pension thought leaders from across the Union – from Edinburgh to Edirne: pension executives and board members (trustees) including trade union representatives and employee-nominated pension representatives; national pension/future generations reserve & sovereign wealth fund administrators; regional and supranational policy makers from the British Isles, Benelux, France, Italy, Central Europe, Scandinavia and the Balkans
Plenary speakers and roundtable discussants include notably:

Dr. Elsa Fornero, University of Turin, former Minister of Labor, Social Policies and Gender Equality of Italy; Fausto Parente, Executive Director, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA); Olivier Rousseau, Executive Director, France’s Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites (FRR); David Weeks, Chairman, UK Association of Member-Nominated Pension Trustees (AMNT) and M. Nicolas J. Firzli, LL.M., Director-General, World Pensions Council (WPC), Advisory Board Member, World Bank Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF)

For further information about the event, please contact directly the organizers:

Tel.:  +36 1 848 05 19