The 21st Century Company: How It Creates Value — And for Whom
New York, Time Warner Center, November 7 2017

In a world economy characterized by increased volatility across all markets, unprecedented technological disruptions, rising environmental and socio-political pressures from civil society (activism) and government (regulations) and more demanding institutional asset owners (investment governance), C-level executives have to go beyond traditional management and corporate finance activities to build the firm the future  

Skytop Strategies’s ‘21st Century Company’ conference will bring together senior S&P 500 executives and board members, influential asset owners – including large pension investors from both sides of the Atlantic, ESG and corporate strategy thought leaders and local, national and supranational policy makers, to discuss the latest advances in value creation, client-centric organizational change conducive to technological innovation and, more generally, a strengthened corporate culture informed by financial & environmental sustainability

The World Pensions Council’s presenter will focus on ‘Next Wave Infrastructure: Public Private Partnerships, Public Good and Private Opportunities, putting in perspective the expected economic impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the next phase of the Juncker Plan in the European Union, KSA’s Saudi Vision 2030 and President Trump’s Rebuild America Infrastructure Initiative, highlighting the shared approaches/financial frameworks and the potential for both collaboration (FDI opportunities) and competition (territorial attractiveness or lack thereof)

Join us in New York, November 7 2017 to discuss these important issues with leading experts from the US, Canada, the UK, Benelux, France, Germany… etc. and the World Pensions Council.

Forum agenda :

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